#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Hurry up and wait.


Waiting is tough, isn’t it? Like waiting to open Christmas presents until all the dishes were cleaned, dried AND put away.

I swear the adults used to do it extra slow on Christmas Eve. Like they were purposely trying to torture me.

It’s like time moves extra slow when you’re waiting for something. Whether it’s waiting for a promotion, news on a health issue, etc.

In the writing world, things can move slowly. Weeks and months might pass while publishers read and consider my novel or story idea. Or once it’s accepted, it can be months and months before it’s published.

Waiting is hard. But you know what helps it move faster?

Active waiting.

Do something while you’re waiting. In the writing world, that means I keep writing stories while I’m waiting for a publisher to pick one of mine up. It helps pass the time, strengthens my writing skills, and keeps my creativity flowing.

And who knows. If the publisher passes on one story, they might like the other one I just wrote.

When you‘re waiting to hear about something, fill those hours with positive activities. Otherwise you might sit and hyper-focus on the issue, and then time seems to move even slower. We can slip into depression, get irritable, fall into resentment and anger.

Pass the minutes and hours of waiting by serving others. Volunteer at your school or church. Serve some neighbors in need. You’d be surprised how quickly the waiting time can pass when you’re focused on others.

What are some things you do while you’re waiting?

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