#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Slay the sludge.


I have always envisioned life problems, fear and negativity as this thick sludge that slows us down. Like walking up-stream or trying to move in quicksand.

It makes each step heavy, difficult and the day dark and dreary. That leads to a tendency to shy away from facing off with the day. Can lead to depression and anger.

A big question during this type of season is: Why is everything so difficult? And that can lead to statements like: l’m not gong to even bother. Anything I do won’t make a difference. I’ll never dig out of this hole.

Don’t let the sludge weigh you down. Don’t give it power over you. What you’re facing might be heavy, but you are strong.

Slay the sludge by taking small steps out of your problem. Even the smallest movement can help. Enlist a friend or two to help if needed. The changes you need to make to fight the sludge might feel scary, unattainable, but that’s ok. You’re not alone. You’ll get through this, and in the end, things will be better.

Slay the sludge, my friends.

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