#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Change up a letter.


Bitter to better.

That one little letter changes the word entirely. From a word that can weigh a person down to one filled with freedom and peace.

I don’t know about you, but I choose freedom and peace.

It’s been two months now that my father-in-law died suddenly, and very unexpectedly, so I’m really focusing on appreciating each and every day.

Life’s too short to waste precious minutes on being bitter. On being angry.

But how do we change that one letter? Is there a magic pill?


It takes effort. Working to change the lens you look through is key. When people are rude or mean, letting it bounce off you. You can’t control their behavior. It’s their issue.

When past hurts rise up, tainting your day, offering forgiveness. Remembering that people aren’t perfect, they may have screwed up and hurt you, but you’re ok. You’ve survived and you can move forward, be better than that person who hurt you.

Bitterness is like a chain around your neck, holding you below the water. Drowning you. Fight to change that i to an e and you’ll find peace and freedom.

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