#TheRunningWriter QOTD

It starts with one.


Lots of things in life feel too big to change.

It might be giving food or money to a homeless person or shelter. We might think our few dollars or few hours of serving won’t make a dent in the huge problem.

Or maybe you’re looking at getting to a healthy weight and think you’ll never make it because there’s so much weight to lose.

If you’re in massive debt, the bills and dollar amounts are so high you think you can’t ever get out of it.

It starts with one.

One step. One dollar. One pound. One…. just think about that one thing.

Don’t look beyond it at all. Don’t look at the end. Just that one step.

I had major surgery that left me couch-bound for six weeks. I couldn’t walk to the mailbox at the end of my street without someone holding me steady and stopping for breaks to catch my breath. And now I run ultra marathons.

It started with one step.

I never thought I’d get a book published, let alone have the title of New York Times & USA Today best seller after my name. But it started with one story idea. That one novel. That one step onto a writers group. That one risk.

I won’t lie, that first step is scary. But that’s ok. You can take it. You’re strong.

What’s your one?

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