#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Break the cycle.


Whenever I see or hear this phrase I picture a hamster running in one of those wheel things.

How does he stop going round and round in that thing? He gets going so fast, how does he stop? And dizziness….

We can get into a nasty wheel like that in life, too. You might come from a home where parents abused you in some fashion, or they were addicts of some sort.

Maybe your parents, and their parents before them, didn’t talk. Held everything in until they exploded, and it was an ugly explosion.

Or food issues. That’s a big one. Getting shamed because of overeating, being overweight. Or your family dealt with issues by eating, so you didn’t have any role model to develop coping skills.

Whatever wheel you were thrown on because of family issues, it’s a strong wheel. And valid. I’m not disregarding what you faced growing up. It formed a strong grip around your mind, heart and soul.

But you can break the cycle. You can crack through the negative ways your family showed you how to cope so the next generation doesn’t have to face that same spinning wheel.

But how? Something that seems engrained in your heart and mind, that’s tough to break.

How does the hamster get off that wheel? By slowing down first. When that nasty engrained response rears its ugly head in your life, stop. Think of it like a mental fire spreading on your skin, and what do you do if you’re on fire? Stop, drop and roll!

Get counseling. Get an accountability partner. Get a mentor.

Do whatever you have to do, because getting off that wheel will help you find peace. And that peace will ripple into other areas of your life: Relationships. Work. Health.

Break the cycle, my friends. You can do it!!!

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