#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Change with the challenge.


Obstacles you face change, sometimes taking you by surprise. If you’re not ready, it can really knock you off your feet.

But how do you get ready for something you don’t know is coming your way? Or even those obstacles you can see coming?

The fact that you’re thinking about it is half the battle.

You don’t want to live life focused and worried about problems, no, but to be flexible and ready for when they come, that’ll help you bust through anything coming your way.

Take the Boston Marathon this past Monday. Coldest, yuckiest weather in 30 years of this historic race. We saw the obstacle coming in the weather forecast. Mentally we started wrapping our brains around it.

But when you get in the moment and actually face off with it…it’s still tough. Scary. Overwhelming.

At times I had to just muscle through, trusting there was an end.

Breaking the obstacle down into smaller prices helps, too. I kept telling myself, “It’s only one more mile until the next Gatorade stop. I can do one more mile.” It made the 26, rain-filled, miles seem less overwhelming.

It applies to life problems, too, such as health or financial issues. One small step at a time. Changing strategies as the issue changes. The key is to hang in there.

You WILL make it. It might be tough and scary, but you are strong. You CAN do it!!

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