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Own the freak out!


Ever get that shaky in the legs feeling, accompanied by the rapid heartbeat when you have to do something scary? It could be associated with an athletic event, a scary meeting at work, a first day at school or a new job, or maybe a first date with someone you really like.

Lots of situations cause that kind of physical reaction. And sometimes our first response might be to run. Cancel. Avoid.

To do anything to prevent the event that is causing you this reaction.

I totally get it. Been there. Done that. Still happens.

Each time I face that situation, I gulp down the nerves and face it. Sweaty palms and all.

Breaking down the event causing these reactions is key. I focus on the fact that I have overcome heart-racing feelings before. I zero in on how I survived. Specifically on how I did it. How it made me stronger. And how I can do it again.

Focusing on the successes in the past versus the failures is the way to go. We all have failed before, and that’s fine, but focusing on the successes is more productive.

When I’m faced with something I have to do that freaks me out,here’s what I do:

I pray for strength.

I ask for advice and support from three to four trusted individuals in my life.

And then I imagine myself succeeding.

Whether it’s a race or a life event, visualizing myself succeeding is powerful. Going into a situation blind and unprepared causes more stress and anxiety.

What do you do to own the freak out?

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