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What are you known for?


I often think about what I want to be known for in life. Not just after I die, but now, day-to-day. Because it starts now.

When you’re alive and on this great earth, you can make a difference. You can impact people.

Some people get the huge privilege of impacting thousands, maybe even millions of people. But most don’t. Most of us get the honor of impacting a small circle of people. But that’s just as important.

For me, I want to be known as a positive and encouraging person. Someone who inspires people, someone who cares, because there were people in my life who were that for me. They influenced me to try things. To take chances. To stretch myself. To be strong.

And let me tell you, I’m glad! They helped me find my inner strength, to look for the positive in life, and really taught me how to be.

I bet you thought I forgot to finish that previous sentence, right? To be…. what?

I didn’t forget to finish that sentence.

We don’t have to be famous or a millionaire or a fashionista or famous model or super skinny or super popular or super rich or…. you get the idea.

All of those things can fade. They can tarnish. They can be taken away. They can be lost.

But the attributes inside you, your intrinsic being, your spirit and soul….that’s what stays constant. That’s something that will never fade or tarnish or be taken.

That’s what you want to be known for. That’s you!!

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