#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Be a sunflower.


I’ve always thought it was crazy cool how sunflowers shift to face the sun more. Literally move as the sun does.

It kind of reminds me of Superman. Specifically that scene where he’s floating around in dark space but turns toward the sun. Then his eyes pop open, and you can see him absorbing the light. Its power.

It dawned on me that we need to do that, too. Seek the bright when we’re in the dark.

Sometimes it feels like there is no sun or no source of light in our situation, and we have to really, really search.

That’s ok. Keep searching. If we’re seeking the light, then we’re focusing less on the darkness. It’s when we’re focused on the dark that we can sometimes get lost in it.

We can’t ignore our problems, but if we’re reenergizing ourselves with the light, we’re better equipped to handle them. We’re stronger.

What does that look like, though? For me, the main source of energy I tap into is my faith. It’s my main source of energy and strength.

Another source is my exercise. Hitting those trails, running in that amazing beauty—and in the sun! It helps balance me out so I can tackle whatever I’m facing with a calm, positive perspective.

Another source is positive and encouraging friends. They are a huge source of energy for me. Having them to bounce ideas off of is huge. They help me stay grounded.

What helps you be a sunflower? Where do you draw your strength from?

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