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How big is your brave?


Some days are rough. Events, both expected and unexpected, can really drain the energy out of your very soul.

First instinct…get the heck out of dodge, right? Maybe jump into a vat of chocolate to drown your sorrows. Sometimes more serious responses such as depression or self-harm.

It’s natural to fear and want to run away from conflict. There’s no shame in that. It’s difficult. It’s scary.

Sometimes we do need to step away from the issue. But only for a limited amount of time to so we can think it through and pray about it. Then, we’ve got to find our brave. We’ve got to dig deep and do what needs to be done. Face what needs to be faced.

Our hearts might be hammering, our palms sweaty, and our minds whirling, but we’ve got to push through.

Whether it’s a conversation we need to have, peer pressure we need to resist, or a fear we need to face, we can do it.

We need to do it.

As uncomfortable and scary as it is, it’s how we grow. It’s how we learn to deal with obstacles in our path. It’s how we learn to stand on our feet.

Some days my brave feels as small as a tiny grain of sand. One that’ll be blown into oblivion with a whisper of a breath.

Some days it feels as big as the universe, like I can conquer any obstacle in my path.

Regardless of how big my brave feels, I am loved, as are you! Find strength in that, my friends.

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