#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Accept the challenge.


I remember the first time I was told I probably couldn’t—or more shouldn’t—run a marathon.

Something about my wonky body structure wasn’t exactly prime for endurance stuff. That was hard to handle because my dad was an Uber-Endurance guy and I kinda wanted to be him. 😀

Or when I started writing. I was greatly encouraged by my friends and family, but other writers, they were pretty open about how hard it was to get published. The odds against me were staggering.

The biggest one—and most rewarding—the challenge to downsize. To go minimal. I never thought I’d walk away from a dream home and live in a tiny place. It shifted the lens through which I looked in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined.

We’re going to get challenged, my friends. For our beliefs. For our goals. For anything. These days, especially with the keyboard courage associated with social media, it appears nothing is off limits.

Accept the challenges thrown at you. They may sting. They may ignite fury. That’s ok. Don’t run from them. Accept them and see where they take you.

You may decide that it’s nothing you want to pursue, and that’s cool, or it may change your life. Take you where you never thought you’d be.

I never imagined I’d be an author. I never imagined I’d run a marathon, let alone a 50-miler ultra marathon. I never imagined I’d be into minimalism-like living.

The paths I’ve taken and challenges I’ve accepted have been scary, painful, encouraging, educational, enlightening….I could go on, but you get the picture.

What challenge(s) are you currently accepting?

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