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Be a failure with me!


We are so programmed to believe that failure is bad. That you’re a loser if you fail.

I’m here to debunk that belief.

Here’s what I found as a definition: an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success

But what I see in here is you TRIED something. You DID something, and it didn’t work out.

I’ve had plenty of failures on my road to getting that New York Times/USA Today title after my name.

The main one was: I received 100+ rejections from publishers and agents prior to my first novel getting published.

Each rejection stung, and as the number increased, I toyed with quitting. Felt like a failure—a loser.

But I was trying. I was putting myself out there, and that’s what mattered. I won’t lie, the rejections hurt, heck, they still hurt.

I’ve written plenty of new novels since hitting the list, but plenty of them have been rejected by publishers and my agent.

You might classify that, by definition, as failure. Fine I’m a failure, then.

But I’m okay with that.

I take each failure and learn from it. First, I don’t take it personal. Second, I become a better writer for it. Third, I can help fellow writers going through this same stuff. I even get new story ideas because of it!

One thing I know, it will not stop me.

As long as the good Lord keeps giving me stories to write, I will write them.

So, who wants to be a failure with me?

Come on, my friends, what are you waiting to try but won’t because of your fear of failure?

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