#TheRunningWritet QOTD

Get to the root.


Anger. Depression. Fear. Annoyance. We all experience these feelings. Some days it feels like we experience them a lot!

And sometimes it’s hard to shake them off and get through them. We get stuck in them.

One way to start crawling out of these dark pits is to find their roots. These heavy feelings can rob you of a joy-filled life. Finding out what is at the root of them can help you step out of the darkness.

It’s not always an easy path filled with smiles and roses, but finding the root of your joy stealer can begin the much needed process of healing, forgiveness, growth, and change.

Joy stealers are like a noose around the neck. And realization can begin to unravel that twine. Weaken the hold.

I believe we are meant to live life happy. We often get in our own way, we often stumble, but we are strong. Even when we don’t feel like it, we are.

So dig deep and get to the root of your joy stealer, and you’re taking the first step into a joy-filled life.

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