#TheRunnungWriter QOTD

Listen with your eyes.


I promise this title isn’t a typo. Part of listening to someone really is with your eyes.

To really listen to someone is difficult. Especially these days when our attention spans are so short. When social media dings and beeps happen as often as we take a breath.

One thing to do to really listen is maintain eye contact. It helps you stay focused on the person and what they’re saying, but it also shows the person you’re into what they’re saying. Into them. That they’re a priority.

If you’re looking at your phone or at things around the person while they’re talking, it gives off an “I’m more interested in what’s going on around me” vibe.

I’m so guilty of this. I’m such a people watcher that I often divert my gaze if I see someone moving around behind the person I’m talking to. That’s so not cool, and I’m constantly working on it.

How are you guys doing with listening with your eyes?

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