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Cancer hits so many people. Most of you reading this have had a close encounter with it, either personally or through friends/family. It’s a nasty disease that took my sweet mother-in-law almost two years ago. It was a fast progression once diagnosed. Once my MIL was diagnosed, my eyes were opened to so many people dealing with this terrible disease.

So, while I’m training for an endurance event and raising money (CLICK HERE to donate) I am lifting up people each week.

To see the previous weeks, click here and here.

Today I’m mentioning a friend’s mother. Now, I don’t know Linda very well at all, but when I heard she was diagnosed with stage four cancer, and then within days returned in the care of hospice, I knew I had to have her part of this fundraiser.

Like a snake, it struck, fast and furious. My friends, Angela and Jon, are taking care of her and are able to be with her through this tough part of the cancer journey. I ask that you send out some prayers and good thoughts to them as they stand by their mother.

Even if you can’t donate, that’s okay, spread the word. Let’s raise some dollars to kick Cancer’s Butt!  🙂

Thanks for your support!

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