This thing called life #TheRunningWriter

Yesterday it was rainy in the desert. That doesn’t happen too much, so it’s kind of a novelty when it does.

It also makes me want to hibernate. It didn’t help that I was super sore from Saturday’s race.

But, moving around is good. To me it still defies logic to move when you’re sore, since our instinct is to avoid doing something when it hurts you.

It’s true though. When you’re muscles are sore, you’ve got to move, that movement helps flush out the lactic acid which is making you sore.

It’s the same when you’re depressed, scared, embarrassed and just want to curl up and hide. Not move.

Fight the urge my friends. Take a tiny step and get moving. Reach out for help to friends, doctors, counselors–whatever it takes, reach out.

You are not alone in this thing called life. You are worthy, loved and wanted. Don’t ever forget that.

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