This Writer’s Journey . . .

Writing is a journey, one I truly love and enjoy, but it can sometimes feel rather lonely. Hour after hour, alone, at the computer, pouring your heart and soul into each word. But I’ve learned I’m not alone, in fact, I’ve been blessed to be in contact with some amazing people, both writers and non-writers.

I want to share a bit of that with you. Each week I’ll be spotlighting someone I’ve come in contact with during my journey. Thanks for stepping along side of me—all of you—during this exciting time!


Jillian Chantal 

I forget, exactly, how I met Jillian, but I know it was online, and most likely through RWA/FFP, but the main thing is, I now know her.

Gosh, what an intelligent, encouraging, wonderful person she is. I’m on a blog with her called Four Foxes, One Hound. It’s great fun. We’re actually having a little—well, kinda big—giveaway over there this week, you should check it out.

But back to my post. . .

Jillian’s never short of an uplifting word of encouragement. And with all the cruddy, mundane life-stuff that happens once in a while, it’s nice to have someone at the ready with a smile.

I’m super glad our paths crossed, Jillian.

9 thoughts on “This Writer’s Journey . . .

  1. Today has been a horrible day here at the day job and I even banished my second computer monitor to purgatory when it acted crazy. So, imagine my delight when I found a minute to pop over to check out Lynn’s blog and found myself the spotlighted friend of the day. WOW. I’m honored by the spotlight as well as the nice things Lynn said about me. I try to be a good friend and to have that acknowledged publically means the world to me. Thanks, Lynn.

    I’m also glad we “met”- I think I hooked onto your blog from either Danica’s or Ciara’s – not sure which – But I’m so glad I did. You’re pretty awesome yourself-

    This journey is a lonely one and the friends we make along the way that understand the lows of the rejections and the highs of the acceptances can be the glue that holds us together. Sometimes quite literally.

    I hope we have many more years ahead of us in this crazy world called book writing!

  2. JILLIAN!! HI, girl. Love you. 🙂 Boy, I didn’t realize you were in so many blogs. How are you able to keep up with all that and still write. 🙂 In the words of my five year old. “You’re the most awesomeous ever.”

    • Ciara!! Love you, too. I’m one of those people that can’t be idle. It’s a curse. In fact, I told someone last week that I “no sprechen sie relax” On my group blogs, I only blog once a week and it is themed so it’s really not too bad. (Big grin) I need to learn to just sit and be but it’s too hard. I can sleep when I’m dead. LOL!

  3. Jillian is awesome 🙂 We met up on her other group blog Southern Sizzle Romance…has it been over a year? Nearly 2?? Seems impossible, but there you have it. I met her in person at Nationals last year and had a wonderful time. She truly is a great person and I hope you get the chance to meet her in person as well, Lynn!

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