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Writing is a journey, one I truly love and enjoy, but it can sometimes feel rather lonely. Hour after hour, alone, at the computer, pouring your heart and soul into each word. But I’ve learned I’m not alone, in fact, I’ve been blessed to be in contact with some amazing people, both writers and non-writers.

I want to share a bit of that with you. Each week I’ll be spotlighting someone I’ve come in contact with during my journey. Thanks for stepping along side of me—all of you—during this exciting time!


Today’s mention is kind of a unique one. I didn’t meet this person online. I’ve never met this person in real life, either. Nor have I even spoken to him other than an email once, years ago.

I do hope to meet him at my book signing event in September, though.

No, this person is unique. I’ll call him Bob. He’s got to be in his early 90s (possibly) by now. But back in 2008, when I first began this journey and actually started letting my sweet hubby mention to people that I was writing (I still have a hard time calling myself a writer, let alone an author now that I’m getting published—but that’s an entirely different post….)

Anyway, where was I?

Oh, yes, Bob.

My hubby met up with him at work. This older gentleman mentioned he was once a writer and my husband mentioned I was trying to become one.

Bob got super excited. He mentioned I needed to find this book called, The Writing of Modern Fiction, by Robert Somerlott.

It wasn’t a book I’d heard of, nor could I find the thing. A few weeks later, my husband brings the book home.

I crack it open and see this:  Copyrighted 1972. It had a library stamp on it from Kansas.

It even smelled old (I love the smell of books!)

But that was okay. Really. I loved the fact that he was so interested in helping me achieve my dream that he would go to all that trouble to track that book down for me.

Sure, many things have changed over the years since that book came out, but some things will forever remain constant. You must have a solid writing base, then you can change with the times.

I was cleaning out my bookshelf recently when I found the book and the neatly typed (yep, a typewriter) letter with it. It’d been a couple years since we’d heard from Bob, but I chanced an email to him, telling him about my upcoming release.

The next day he emailed back, congratulating me.

Such a fantastic, encouraging person. I do hope I get to meet him at my book signing. That would just make my day!

So, thank you, Bob, for your support and encouragement. Writing you that email telling you about my publication was such a thrill for me, and then the fact that you replied made me smile even more. Thanks for sharing part of this journey with me. You’re a treasure.

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