Throwback Thursday

Remember Rerun from What’s Happening!!?


It aired on ABC from August 5, 1976 to April 28, 1979.

Yeah, sure, I was only, like, 4 years old when it premiered, but I still remember Rerun’s dancing.

Do you?

If not, give this video a look…it’ll have you laughing.

He’s got some moves, though, doesn’t he?




4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. I must have lived under a rock before 1980.

    I’ve never seen this before. But for me, this video raises the question: Did Michael Jackson steal the moves from Rerun? Or did Rerun steal the moves from MJ?


  2. Oh wow!! I used to love What’s Happening! I was a devoted follower of the show. I even used to watch What’s Happening Now? Those were the days…man! Thanks for making me feel old, lol.

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