Throwback Thursday

Okay, who watched the TV show Wonder Woman?

Remember how Lynda Carter twirled and magically changed into the spandex-meets-American-Flag outfit?

Well, I had to bring it up since last week we talked about the Six Million Dollar Man.

Maybe March will be the unofficial TV super hero month here on the Light of Truth blog. 🙂

**Oh, did you see her in Sky High? She’s the principal and has a funny line, “I’m not wonder woman, you know.” That cracked me up.**




2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Oh WOW. Wonder Woman! I used to think I was Wonder Woman. I even had a pair of pajamas like her suit and I insisted on wearing it for a birthday party (yeah, I still hear about that nearly 3 decades later). I also thought Linda Carter was the most beauitful woman ever…mostly because she had the Lasso of Truth, which was just awesome!

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