Throwback Thursday

In keeping with our superheroes theme this month, I couldn’t leave out Superman, right?

Before Brandon Routh, there was Christopher Reeve.

Oh man, he was awesome.

This movie came out in the 70s. . . and, yeah, by today’s standards, the special effects are lame. But — it’s Christopher Reeve, man.

Even in Superman Returns, that character looked like Christopher Reeve, didn’t he?

Well, at least I thought so.

I wasn’t too sold on Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane, though. . . Not many can compare to Margot Kidder, right?

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone!

9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Ak! I thought it was Friday and you changed it up -doing a Throwback Friday- LOL

    Okay, it is Thursday. Okay, yup, the first Superman really got me (Reeves) Fun stuff!

  2. LBDiamond–right on. My fav is the one where he turns human for a little bit. That one is crazy good.
    Kat–You’re sooooo right!
    Danica–His EYES were killer, huh?
    Suzanne–Oh yeah. I watched Smallville for a few years. Is it any good still? Haven’t been following it for a while. Tom Welling is a great Superman as well.

  3. Superman was my favorite. I thought Christopher Reeve was the most handsome man ever! To this day, I still have a thing for men with dark hair and light eyes. Le sigh…

  4. I always found it interesting how after Christopher Reeves’ accident, he kind of proved that he really was Superman. What incredible emotional strength through adversity!

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