Throwback Thursday

HI. Mandy here again. For Throwback Thursday, I wanted to share something pretty close to me. FIRST BLOOD!




Yep. Rambo. John Rambo.

Okay, I know it’s weird that a young chick like me would like that movie. I mean, I wasn’t even born when it came out.

But, it’s kinda near and dear to me because it was Dad’s favorite movie. When I was growing up, I’d watched it with him so many times I couldn’t even count them.

Well, and when he died—okay, when those freaks from The Center killed him—the movie took on a whole new meaning. It’s a way to keep Dad close to me. So, me and my bro, Scott, pull out this DVD every once in a while.

So, there you go. First Blood—great movie and it’s from the 80s, so I can count that as a Throwback, right?


What’s one of your favorite movies? Maybe one that brings back good memories?


3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Lori – yeah, for an older guy, Rambo rocks!
    Lynn – I AM having fun. Thanks for having me host. Hope YOU’RE having fun!

  2. Nice movie, Mandy. I LOVE THIS movie. It’s nearing 10:30pm here in Paris…but thought I’d say hi quick before bed. . . Looks like you’re having fun

  3. My dad has never been much of a movie guy, so as a young girl, imagine my surprise to walk in on him watching Rambo on tv! He said he was watching it to see what his high school students (he’s a teacher) were watching. Right, dad. 🙂 Whatever reason, good memory for me too! Rambo is classic butt-kicker. Love ’em!

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