Throwback Thursday

As kids, me and my friend, Lori, adored Doritos. I remember sitting on her front step munching on the nacho-cheesy-goodness….I think we ate the whole bag.

Oh boy…I think my thighs just expanded a size thinking about that.

The absolute best was dipping the chips in sour cream.

Yep, expanded another size.

But do you remember…in 1986…they released Cool Ranch Doritos?

The horror.

Surely they couldn’t be as good as Nacho Flavored Doritos.

I was right.

They weren’t.

Sure, they were good, but not quite–wait–I’ll save that discussion for Debate This someday (wink.)

Even after all these years, I can’t eat a Dorito without thinking of my childhood.


What food-type-thing brings you back to the “good ‘ol days”


13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Cool Ranch Doritos bring me back to my first pregnancy. On my way to work I stopped at a store and bought a bag. Let’s just say I got sick and never bought a bag again. I thought it was the Doritos, but it wasn’t…I still can’t even smell them with out getting sick…

    Okay, childhood foods…I didn’t eat much back then (picky eater) But I did have lots of P&J sandwiches or chicken nuggets…

  2. I loved Doritos and sour cream!
    A chick-fil-a sandwich (no pickles) takes me back to high school…which was about a million years ago, lol.
    I worked there during my junior year and senior year. I still love them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • You liked Doritos with sour cream too? Gosh, I haven’t met someone who likes that yet!!! LOL.

      I worked at Arby’s in high school and part of college, and believe it or not, I still love Arby’s food!

  3. Sunkist…I can’t drink a Sunkist without remembering Junior High. I think I might’ve told people I drank it because of the Vitamin C *laughs* I was such a snot, lol And I do love Doritos…ooh, I love them. *sigh*

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