Throwback Thursday


Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels. Do you remember that cartoon?

I was goofing around on the internet the other day and stumbled across this. Did you used to watch this cartoon?

I vaguely remember it. I more remember him pulling things out from his . . . well, what was that anyway??

Check this you tube out of the intro…I laughed out loud.



6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Danica–Yep, that’s the idea of Throwback Thursday. . . Yeah. I kinda live in the past, don’t I? Just kidding. It really just makes me laugh to think of some of these things. Glad you enjoyed.
    KM–Hey, girl, how are ya?
    Kat–ROTFL. Yeah he was freaky looking! Hairy thumb. Yeah, that pretty much describes it. And, um, YUCK! LOL
    Elana–Oh yeah, gotta go see that video, memories will come crashing back, I’m sure. 🙂

    Happy Thursday, everyone!

  2. Unga Bunga!

    I love Capt. Caveman. Now.

    When I was little he kinda freaked me out because he looked like a hairy thumb (or something else) with feet and arms.

  3. Wow…Captain Caveman…I used to love this cartoon! Strange I haven’t thought about it in ages since I was so devoted to watching it! Lynn, you’re bringing back a lot of memories with your Thowback Thursdays!! lol

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