Throwback Thursday and other fun stuff

Welcome to Throwback Thursday.

For our listening pleasure…Mariah CAREY!!

Her voice is absolutely amazing.

Love that she’s standing in that huge window most of the time. Any guess why? (Hint: I tend to post a lot of pictures of this).

First one to guess wins an e-book of Wasteland.


My good friend, Rebecca Zanetti had a book birthday Tuesday!!!  Yep, check out her latest, TEMPTED! It soared up the charts on release day. Let’s keep it going, okay?


I’ll be on TV tomorrow! Holy cow, set your DVRs…wait, don’t, I take that back, if I choke, I don’t want you having that recorded.  **LOL** No, seriously, I’m super excited about appearing on The Morning Scramble with New York Times Bestseller, Alan Dean Foster!! **claps** The details are HERE, but basically, tune in on channel 13 here in Phoenix and 7 up in Prescott. If you’re not in Arizona, it’s okay. You can LIVE STREAM the show!

Technology rules, huh?

One last piece of information I know you’re dying for. . . .

I’ve finally started reading HUNGER GAMES!

Wow. Super creative. Not a fan of the first person present tense, though. But it’s a great story so far!!!

Who braved opening night for the movie? Anyone? Was it worth it?


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