Throwback Thursday…Baker Street

Throwing you back to the 70s again this week with some Gerry Rafferty.

Gotta love BAKER STREET!

Man, he’s got a smooth easy style, doesn’t he? Love it!



Click here to see the video. They won’t let me embed it here! *stomps foot*


Have a great throwback Thursday


10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday…Baker Street

  1. One of my favorite songs ever! Every single time I hear it, I just have to crank up the radio and sing along. I also like the Foo Fighters’ remake of it. Great, great song…*goes to find it on her MP3 player* Cause I just love me some Gerry Rafferty!

  2. Wow, talk about a blast from the past. I haven’t heard that song in years! He looks so mellow. 🙂 Happy Thursday, Lynn!

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