Throwback Thursday…Billie Jean Style

Can you believe Michael Jackson died two years ago this Saturday?

Man. It’s unreal. I remember him so vividly from my childhood. Such a great talent.

So I thought I’d put up one of my fave videos of his from the 80s.  🙂


Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday…Billie Jean Style

  1. There are still days when one of his songs comes on the radio and I still can’t believe he’s gone… :-/

    Smooth Criminal is my favorite… I love that video in teh zoot suits when they do the anti-gravity lean… Love it!!!

    Thriller of course is amazing too… SO many favorites! Sad he’s gone too soon….


  2. This is my mom’s absolute favorite song. I can remember when it came out and we’d be in the car, she’d crank it up. To this day, when she hears it she starts singing (badly) and reminds all of us “I love this song!” That was one heck of an album and this is a great Throwback Thursday!

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