Throwback Thursday…Care Bear Style

Throwing you back to 1981 this week on Throwback Thursday.

Remember Care Bears?

Cheer Bear had a rainbow to “cheer” you up. And Wish Bear had a shooting star. Can’t forget Grumpy Bear’s rain cloud……

They were so cute.

Did you have one?

10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday…Care Bear Style

  1. Care bear stare, the ultimate weapon. I used to watch that and my younger brother hated it. he would rather watch He-Man or Thunder Cats. You must be around my age. I love all the retro stuff you have on your blog. It makes me smile. I did have care bears. Remember Mun Che Che’s (dont know if I spelled that right). I still have mine I love those little monkeys.—Rachel

  2. I had two younger cousins who were Care Bear fanatics. They had the movies, sheets, curtains, stuffed animals, you name it. I spent many summers watching The Care Bears Movie…over, and over, and over until I was sick of them and their complete cuteness, LOL. I did like that Grumpy though. I always empathized with him more than the others and that should tell you a lot about my personality, LOL

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