Throwback Thursday…Charmed Style

Throwing you back to the late 90s on this one.

Remember Charmed??

Boy, this was a big one for me.

I loved watching this show. It was so creative, and the situations these three got thrown into…wow.

It changed through the years, especially after Shannon left the show, but it still totally rocked.

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone. Make it a GREAT DAY!

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday…Charmed Style

  1. I love Charmed too to that point I ended up putting a Charmed blog focusing this time grown up Wyatt and Chris called the “The Charmed Paladins.” Yeah, pretty much guilty of jumping in the virtual spin-off Charmed fan verse bandwagon. Nevertheless, I’m hoping it’ll become a calling card of sorts when I tackle online course on screenwriting. 😀 Have you check out the Charmed Comics produced by Zenescope? I wish we can get the comic series here too but it’s not available from where I from. I would love to see Piper, Phoebe and Paige (with their respective family), not to mention Leo and little Wyatt again.

  2. Wow!! Charmed was probably my favorite paranormal show. And I was so upset when they ended it. I believe they should bring it back with the three sisters children and call it “Charmed The Next Generation” I think as popular as the paranormal world is, it would be a huge hit!!!
    Happy Throw back Thurs. Lynn!!!

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