Throwback Thursday…DONKEY KONG

Remember 80s video games?

Which was your favorite?

I didn’t have Atari or anything, but my best friend did…and one of the games I remember is Donkey Kong

Oh. My. Gosh. The games sure have changed, haven’t they??


11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday…DONKEY KONG

  1. Oh…wow… I have not see this for some time!! lol lol…. We did have an atari and Donkey Kong was my my favorite, probably because it was one of the only ones I could actually play LOL LOL….. But I do remember one other that was quite popular and that was Pac Man lol lol…. Wow Lynn thanks for the memories!

    • OH SWEET! We found an Atari on e-bay so we got that and some games. It’s fun to drag that out once in a while!

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