Throwback Thursday…Jaws

Throwing you back to 1975 this week.

Remember JAWS?

WHOA! That movie creeped me out, big time. And that music……

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday…Jaws

  1. Great film! So glad that Bruce the mechanical shark didn’t work more times than it did, otherwise the film might not have been so powerful. When my teenaged sons try and argue with me about some silly thing and are found to be wrong, I always say, “Hooper! Don’t you be tellin’ me my business again!”
    Have a great weekend, Lynn. I don’t know about you, but what a week?!?


  2. I love Jaws! I watch it every time it comes on. Of course, I remember very well having to wait until after dark for it to show on HBO. It came out before I was born, but once I saw it a few years later, going to the beach was never the same again, LOL

  3. My 10 year-old son desperately wants to watch Jaws. I’m not sure he’s ready for it, especially since we’re going to Maui in 2 weeks. Maybe we’ll make him wait until we get back. 🙂

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