Throwback Thursday….Nerd Style

Throwing you back to the 1980s on this one (shocker, I know….LOL)

That is arguably the best part of the movie!

Have a super Throwback Thursday, everyone. It’s FRIDAY EVE!!!


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10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday….Nerd Style

  1. I remember when they did smellovision & gave people scratch & sniff stickers & 3-d glasses to watch the movie on t.v.. It was a big deal to get the glasses from the supermarket & watch with friends & family.—Rachel

    • LOL!!!!!!! He’s awesome. Remember when they’re all in the gym, turning out the lights to sleep and he belches his goodnight? LOL. I crack up just thinking about that part. LOL!!!!!

  2. This was one of two high points in the movie. The other was when, I think it was Gilbert, one of the nerds stood up in front of the entire college and said he was a nerd and proud of it.
    Made me feel good to be a nerd.

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