Throwback Thursday–Week of Love

Love Songs . . . The’ve been around forever. Some good ones, some great ones, some with great lyrics, some from great movies.

I’m guest blogging today to give you my top 10 love songs. When I hear these, I think of the wonderful woman I married 14 years ago.

I hope some of these remind you of your special someone too.

10. Giving You the Best that I Got, by Anita Baker. Her unique voice has always intrigued me. The lyrics of this song are strong. Perfect theme song for a marriage.

9. More Than a Woman, by the Bee Gees. I know it’s disco, in fact it’s from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Listen to the lyrics on this one. Great words a husband would say to his wife.

8. I Melt With You, by Modern English. Another movie song. Can you name it? Yep “Valley Girl”. Premise of the song: I would stop everything to be with you. Pretty cool. Great one hit wonder by the way.

7. Biggest Part of Me, by Ambrosia. First of all I think David Pack has one of the best pop voices of all time. This song has got to be on you “Light Hits of the 70’s” CD

6. Endless Love, sung by 2 powerhouses–Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. Also a movie song. But WOW, so powerful.

5. I Love You More Today than Yesterday, by Spiral Staircase. Up beat catchy tune, but great lyrics. Older song, hopefully some of you remember it.

4. Tender Love, by Force MCs. Something about it. Just a real simple tune. Some songs you can tell are sung from the heart….this is one of them.

3. I Live For Your Love, by Natalie Cole. If I had to guess I would say this song was personal for her. It came out in the late 80’s. Cole had struggled with addiction, etc and this song most likely was about someone special in her life.

2. The Closer I Get to You, by Roberta Flack and Donnie Hathaway. “by giving me all you’ve got….your love has captured me” Powerful lyrics.   Flack’s voice is beautiful. I almost put this at number 1.

1. True, by Spandau Ballet. Chosen more for the production than the lyrics. Love the bass line, but love the lyric: “head over heels when toe to toe…this is the sound of my soul” the lead singer seems to bare his soul when singing this.


There you have it–My top 10 songs that speak of LOVE.

Hug the one you love tonight…and heck maybe even play one of these tunes for ’em.

Lets hear some of your favorites!

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday–Week of Love

  1. Ah… the Bee Gees. 🙂 Love to watch my Daniel break out into the disco moves when they play on the radio or at a wedding reception or wherever. Fun list! Thanks for posting… for being good and loving our friend, Lynn!

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