Throwback Thursdays

Ready for a good one? I’m gonna throw you back to the 70s. . .

Remember The Six Million Dollar Man? It ran from 1974 to 1978.

Now, I was only, like, 2 years old in 1974, so I must have found it on reruns or something. But I’d have to say, this was one of my favorite shows.

Figures, right? I’m into the paranormal, supernatural, sci-fi stuff. . . LOL

Remember his name on the show?

Steve Austin — played by Lee Majors

Oh, and don’t forget the spin off, Bionic Woman. I LOVED Jaime Sommers.


So, the question is, do you remember what their superpowers were?

10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays

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  2. I thought the exact same thing Greg did. That sound is probably as recognizable or more recognizable than the Law & Order dunc dunc or the Jeopardy theme.

    Great throwback today!

  3. Okay, you all are crackin’ me up. This is great. I didn’t realize all the Lee Majors fans would come out…LOL.

    I had forgotten about The Fall Guy…I liked that show too. Maybe it’ll be another Throwback Thursday topic, huh?

    Jill–You’re right…what happened to those types of shows? They tried to bring Knight Rider back…did that make it? I watched a couple episodes, but didn’t like it.
    Danica–You had a crush? SWEET!!! He was kind of awesome, wasn’t he?
    KM–Yeah, I couldn’t remember right away what his powers were, but yep, it was the legs and eye and an arm, right? that were bionic?
    Lori–LOL…I pictured them (Steve Austin and Jaimie Sommers) jogging side-by-side right when I thought of the Six Million Dollar Man. Awesome couple.
    Greg–Nice word picture of the sound their bionics made. LOVED that sound! LOL.
    Dianne–Oh yeah…walking around slow and making the sound…YEP, I did that too. A few people commented on FaceBook about having done that too. It’s awesome.
    Deborah–Oh yeah, we love Throwback Thursdays here. Brings up fun little memories, doesn’t it? Oh yeah, and I wanted to TOTALLY be Jaimie Sommers.
    Thanks for stopping by you guys! YOU rock.

  4. I can say, I watched the re-runs, but I have to admit I watched the originals too. Loved them both and loved when they did the shows together and the special movies. Gregg made the music flash through my mind as I read the comments. I can remember them doing little tweeks to his bionic arm at times, but yes, he had the full package with the legs, arms, sight, hearing…what a man. And Jammie, we all wanted to be like her. Thanks Lynn for the flash back. I’m glad I slipped in on FB at the right time.

  5. If memory serves, their superpowers were those commonly held by paranormal romance figures: super strength, super speed and extremely acute hearing. I don’t recall much about the Six Million Dollar Man; but remember that, after watching the Bionic Woman, we used to walk around the house in slow motion making the “bionic motion” sound effect noises. 🙂

  6. Nan a nan a naa….
    Nan a nan a naa…

    That is at least the sound he made in my mind when he was able to run fast or jump far.

  7. On the earliest fringes of my memory, I can see the bionic couple blurring across the screen at one point or the other. I do remember and LOVED Fall Guy. Lee Majors… for the longest time I really thought he was a bounty hunter. Thanks for the Throwback, Lynn! Have a great day!

  8. I don’t know what their super powers were. They had bionic parts and could run fast and were extra strong. Can’t wait for the answer.

    That was a fun show. Great Throwback :0)

  9. I had the biggest crush on Lee Majors. I watched the million dollar man, mostly in re-runs, but when he played in the Fall Guy, that’s when I was hooked. The Bionic Woman was pretty cool too. I mean, c’mon! She could crush a tennis ball!

  10. Good Morning Lynn,
    I was 9 years old in 1974 and I loved Lee Majors! I remember cutting out his picture from the TV Guide and posting it on my bulletin board. He had a bionic eye and legs.
    I believe the Bionic Woman had bionic ears as well as legs. I watched the Bionic Woman sometimes, but I never missed Lee!
    What happed to shows like that? The good ole days…thanks for the memories.
    Have a great day!

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