Throwback Thursdays

Last week on Throwback Thursday, one of the comments mentioned roller skating.

Ours had the bright laces, too.

I’m totally jumping on that this week for Throwback Thursday’s post.

Did you guys ever go roller skating?

OMG. I totally did.

Friday nights were the NIGHT we waited for all week long.

Loved it.

At our place, Skateland, we had panda parties, and for birthday’s it was so much fun handing out those Panda Invites, then skating the day away with my friends.

Ahhhh, the memories.

The slick, shiny floor reflecting all the flashing lights. And then, they’d dim the lights for the slow songs . . . .

Did you guys have theme nights? I remember Madonna night the most. Wearing the jelly bracelets all the way up my arm.


So, did you have a “Skateland” growing up?

9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays

  1. Yep, and it really was called “Skateland” actually. It’s still around, too–completely the same. I don’t think they’ve even changed the carpet that runs the perimeter–and it’s been thirty years :P. I was there all the time when I was a kid. Remember the big fuzzy pompoms with the bells that everyone laced onto their skates? Did they have those when you were skating?

    I don’t remember theme nights–and Madonna hadn’t hit the scene quite yet when I was there–it was the tail end of the disco era and moving into early eighties.

    Great memories!

  2. I participated in “Christian” skate night, Thursdays, where the songs we got excited about were Stryper’s “To Hell with the Devil” and Carmen’s “God’s Got an Army” while the couple’s skate was ALWAYS to Michael W. Smith’s “Friends are Friends Forever.” Probably NOT the same kind of skate nights you experienced. 🙂
    I like to skate, but since I’m already 6’1 (have been since 10th grade) and because the skates add 3-4 inches, I fear falling… it’s a LONG way to the ground for me. Haha! 🙂
    Fun throwback, Lynn! Happy Thursday!

    • LOL. “Long way to the ground.” That made me smile. Nope we didn’t have the “Christian” skate nights that I remember, but I can imagine the songs…they are kicking (Carmen, Stryper rock) Oh yeah, and the “friends are friends forever!”

  3. I was/am a terrible skater. I do like it still, but it has to be quads, no rollerblades here! I even toyed with the idea of joining the local roller derby team…until I realized I was more of a danger to myself than any opponent I might come across. Great Throwback Thursday! I can almost hear Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” playing.

  4. OMG! That was me who mentioned roller skating and the best job I ever had, being a skate guard. My best friend and I worked together. We both had crushes on two boys who worked with us. I don’t recall having theme nights, however I do remember the song Shining Star was played often for the couples skate. What great memories! Thanks Lynn!

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