Throwback Thursdays:

CommandoSo, who remembers the action-packed movie, Commando?

It came out October of 1985. You know, with the young Alyssa Milano ?

Gosh I loved that movie.

Heck, if it’s on and I’m feeling lazy I’ll cuddle up and watch it again anytime.

Commando shootingDespite its cheesy acting and stunts…it’s still a classic 1980s memory for me.

Did you see the string holding Sully up over the cliff? LOL.

And we can’t forget the loving father, Arnold Schwarzenegger just trying to get sweet Jenny Matrix back from the psycho Arius.


Gotta love the 80s, huh? What’s one of your favorite movies from the 80s?


6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays:

  1. Jessica–Oh yeah. LOVE the Goonies. That’s totally 80s! Whoo-Hoo!

    Kat–Total Recall was too much thinking for me. Running Man, yeah, that was good. No, I didn’t know that about the Stephen King books. Interesting. 🙂

  2. Predator was great, but I liked Total Recall and The Running Man, too.

    Did you know The Running Man was based on one of the Bachman Books written by Stephen King? Unfortunately, Arnold’s character doesn’t fare as well in the book as he does in real life.

  3. Billy—Oh, I LOVE Predator as well. One of my favorites. I’m a big Arnold fan though. Except Junior and Jingle all the way. Those weren’t my favorites for sure!

    Lori—You met Bennett? Sweet! Yeah, you should check it out, just for the sake of it. You’ll get a chuckle. Be sure to look for the little string holding Sully up over the cliff. It’s hysterical how obvious it is. LOL. Ohhhhh, SPLASHHH…I haven’t through of that movie in a while. Love that one.

  4. You’re not gonna believe this, two days in a row, but I’ve met Vernon Wells, too, “Bennett” in Commando. He was… um… well, not quite as amazing as Kirk Cameron, I’ll leave it at that. I’ve actually never seen this movie. I should probably check it out. My Daniel likes and remembers it fondly. My fave movies from the 80s are ones like St. Elmo’s Fire, Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, Splash, but that’s because inside I am a sappy romantic. 🙂

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