Time is precious #TheRunningWriter

Relationships are messy. Sometimes it feels like family members hurt each other in the most fantastic fashion. I think that happens because we’re so connected to them. You know? That you’ve grown up with them and they’re so close to you that they can so easily hurt you.

With their words. Their actions. Their expectations. Their silence.

It can be devastating. If we let it. I’m not saying we should ignore the hurt and just go on like everything is fine, but trying to work through whatever the obstacles are—I can’t stress how important it is.

I can try and show you, though.

After a great week of visiting, which included out to dinners, movies, coffee shops, great talks, I bid my father-in-law farewell on a Monday morning. Dropped him off at the airport. I told him I loved him and that we’d see him again soon.

He died the next morning.

Don’t waste precious time lost to anger, hurt, pain. If at all possible, work on the issues. Get help to work through them if you need to. The obstacles are real that you’re facing, I get that. Hurt, anger, betrayal, they are real.

But you can get past them. You can grow. You can have a stronger relationship with the person.

But don’t waste precious time. It may unexpectedly vanish.

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