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Hey, everyone, I need your help.

My newest WIP needs a title.

Sure, if the book ever gets picked up by a publisher, the chances are pretty high they wouldn’t keep the title, but still, I’d like to have a working title at least. Right?

So, here’s where you come in.

I put a poll to the left there. See it?

Yep, those are the six to choose from: Sealed, Mark of the Heir, Tarnished, Lineage, Heritage, Legacy.

Please vote and let me know which one you like the best. Feel free to comment any suggestions or why you like one better than the other.

I’ll leave the poll up for a week or so then see what you all come up with.


So, you might want to know a little something about the book, right?

Here’s a blurb (still fine tuning it, but it’ll give you an idea.)

Back Cover Blurb:

Twenty-two-year-old Adrean Reed, a reclusive, telekinetic orphan, settles into a quiet, normal routine in the small town of Pula, AZ, after serving time in jail for a misspent youth. With hopes of finding his birth parents, he studies the only clue he has of them, a ring with a strange symbol etched inside.

Lexi Tate comes to the small town with one objective—to find and kill her mother’s murderer. Her uncle, who has raised her since she was orphaned, has trained her to use her telekinesis to kill those who bear the mark of the evil group responsible for her mother’s death.

Lexi and Adrean meet, and neither expected the blazing chemistry that ignited between them. Their love is tested when they find out about one another’s powers and Adrean learns Lexi’s true motives for her presence in the town.

But when they discover the meaning of the symbol etched inside Adrean’s family heirloom, it thrusts them into the heart of a battle that began centuries before their births. Adrean and Lexi must choose their allegiances carefully, or face certain death.


17 thoughts on “Title Help

  1. All right – I voted! Can’t wait to see what everyone chooses. Sometimes an editor will like your title, so who knows? Maybe this will be the name of the book we all buy from Borders. 🙂

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  3. Thanks, Lori.
    Rosslyn–Great suggestions. THANKS!
    Kat–Thanks for your vote. Sorry the computer thing isn’t working for ya. 🙁
    KM–I figured you’d choose that one. LOL.

  4. Hi!

    Your novel sounds intriguing! When I was a child, I loved a series called “The Tomorrow People” about a bunch of teenagers who could teleport.

    SO, here’s my take. I think your title should contain a hint that your characters have special powers. Something like “Mindwarp.” (I know, that’s not the greatest, because you don’t necessarily want people to think “Warped Minds.” Ha ha! But the telekinesis is fascinating and I think you should include it in the title. The titles you have so far are OK, but they’re not specific enough, at least in my opinion.

  5. HI, Kat. ON the left is the poll. You click the little circle next to the title you like. I see some people have voted already, so I’m thinking something might be up with your browser? Not sure. You can let me know which one you like best in the comments here if you want. I’m curious which one people like the best. 🙂 Titles are hard to come up for me. 🙂

    Thanks, Nisa/Danica. This was a fun story to write. I’m still in th early revisions of it but it’s going well.

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