Hey everyone. I have a question and would love to hear what you think. So, if you “lurk” the site never posting a comment, let me know what you think, OK?  I don’t bite (at least not too hard)….  LOL

I’ve seen this question posed on other blogs and have read the comments left on those.  I’m still curious, so that’s why I’m posing the question on my blog as well. 

Should I post my first chapter on the blog for all to read?

You may be thinking, “What’s the big hairy deal? Just post the dumb thing, already.” Well, that’s interesting… if that’s what you think, post a comment.  I’m having a hard time deciding.  I’ve heard it go both ways. I’ll share later what those viewpoints are that go “both ways” but not now, I want to get your unbiased opinions.

I’m interested in hearing what you have to say.  EVEN if you read my little “teaser” posted under the Light of Truth tab above and think it’s a stupid sounding book, that’s OK.   🙂

3 thoughts on “TO POST OR NOT TO POST?

  1. Not long ago, Terry Whalin mentioned on his blog the story of the bestelling author who wrote The Alchemist. The book by Paulo Coehlo was failing in Russia, so he put the entire thing online to draw more attention to it. Pretty soon, the people in Russia were so into it, they went ahead and bought it at the store. I suppose they were sick of staring at their computer screens.

    Anyways, I think it’s a great idea to post the first chapter of your book online. It’s not giving away the whole book; just enough to get people interested. If I read one chapter that left me itching for more, you better believe I’d go out and buy it!

  2. I have the first 250 words of chapter 1 posted on my blog. I don’t think it can hurt at all.

    I was just “talking” to JC about posting some of the back story snippets I wrote over my last holiday for practice.

    They don’t really go anywhere, but the point was to help me establish who my characters were. So…I’ll be doing that soon, I think.

    I say go for it!

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