Today’s the Day. . .

The Morning Scramble HERE I COME!

Today’s the day. If you live in Phoenix or Prescott, be sure to tune in to Channel 13/7 starting at 8:30am today! If you’re not an Arizonan, it’s okay, too. CLCK HERE for a live stream!

I’m super excited to hang out with awesome author, Alan Dean Foster, and chat up the writing industry. Sci-Fi, Paranormal, and the new space called NEW ADULT!!

I’m so proud to be among the first authors published in this exciting category. I’d always felt readers from the ages of 18-25 (or so) were neglected. Ones who wanted a bit more than the sweeter side of romance found in Young Adult but not as much of the hot and heavy found in Adult Romance novels.. . . so I’m super excited to be a apart of the New Adult movement taking place!!

Hope you can join me for the show! Have a SUPER FRIDAY, my dear friends!!


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