Top Five. . .

We’re halfway through. It’s been fun looking at the big things that have happened in our lives over the past year. Thanks for sharing yours with me. You guys ROCK.


Number THREE:

I got an agent!

<———-NO, not THAT kind of agent.

A literary agent!———————————->

You might remember the post (THE CALL) detailing the fun, crazy, and exciting time I had last January that led to signing with Cari Foulk at Tribe Literary Agency.

*whew* That was very exciting.

The road to publication is a bit curvy, hilly, but for the most part, really awesome. I’m having a blast, and I’m glad Cari’s along for the ride!


So, what’s your number THREE?


6 thoughts on “Top Five. . .

  1. My #3 would have have to be along the lines of Danica. I finished 2 novels and 2 novellas this year. At the beginning of the year, I hadn’t even finished the first, so yeah, I never imaged I write 4 stories this year. But, have to say, I look forward to the day that I can stay caught up with you!

  2. Wow, great #3. Can’t imagine what #1 and #2 will be. 🙂
    I think meeting so many great critique and writing buddies this year.
    Also, Launching my blog. 🙂 It’s been crazy fun!!

  3. That’s quite a #3!! Hm…I’d have to say my #3 was writing a novel in 28 days without meaning to, lol. I’ve never done that before, but that book wouldn’t leave me alone. I think I looked like roadkill afterwards, but what a sense of accomplishment!

  4. Congrats!! That’s so awesome!!

    My number 3: I had quite a few “breakthroughs” with writing & gained a lot of skill this year.

    Oh, my #4 from yesterday: my 1 yr blogaversary, lol!

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