Top Five Funnies. . .

So, we’re counting down the top five funny people who came from Saturday Night Live. . . There were  a bunch, but we picked our favorite top ones. . .

Today is number four. . . Chris Farley.

Gosh he was funny. Had he lived longer, I know he would have had many more laughs to give us. So sad how his life ended, but here’s a peek into a couple thing that made many people smile. . .

Saturday Night Live–


I LOVED how his voice went all psycho at the end. I burst out laughing when I saw that.


Oh, but what about Beverly Hills Ninja? This was just him, wasn’t it:


14 thoughts on “Top Five Funnies. . .

  1. Love Chris. “Down by the River” and his celebrity interviews “Do you remember that? That was cool” were my faves. Laughing just thinking about it, and what a good medicine to start my day. Thanks, Lynn! Happy Tues.

    1. That’s my fav, too. I couldn’t find a skit on you tube that would allow me to embed. 🙁 I hate that. He’s freaking funny in that skit. Always pulling up his pants.

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