Top Five. . .

Well, did you all survive Christmas? I know I sure did. The fact that I got to spend it with family, especially my mother in law, Lynn, who was diagnosed with cancer over Thanksgiving, made this the best Christmas ever.

I got to thinking–yeah, I know that’s dangerous–but really, I thought back over 2010 and a few things came to mind. So, I thought it might be fun to go through the top five things that made 2010 interesting.

I said interesting because I can’t say the best, since some pretty not-so-fun things happened this past year. But there were also some that stood out . . .

So, here is Number FIVE:

I ran the AFLAC Iron Girl with my BFF!

Yep, just happened in November, too. You might remember me posting about it.

I look back at that and smile because it wasn’t just that ONE day me and Michele ran together…it was the week in and week out training we did together.

We’d meet up at 5:15AM–yes, AM!–and run twice a week, but it wasn’t so much the actual running I remember, but more the camaraderie.

It was a time to laugh, time to process troubles, and a time to just be.

She’s a true friend so that’s why that event made the top five things of 2010!


So, what’s your number five?



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