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TOPTENMOVIEAlex is hosting a fun TOP TEN MOVIE countdown blogfest. When I saw it was movies, I had to jump in. I’m all about the movies.


I love movies and for the entire month of February I think I watched about 3-5 per day. No, I’m not crazy or anything, I was just recovery from a big surgery, so I had a lot of down time. Yet I was just too doped up on pain meds to concentrate much to read books. So, movies were the stand in.

And…I had a few “GO TO” movies to help pass the time. Ever notice how some of the movies you love change in ranking depending on the circumstances? Must be my mood or something–LOL. For now, here are my top ten:

Number TEN:

The Matrix. Specifically that mega fight scene when they go to save Morpheus. Β I mean, look at TRINITY kick some butt. Oh, and Neo, too!


Number NINE:

Footloose (The 1980’s version!)


Number EIGHT:

Twilight Saga–yes. Don’t judge me! Β πŸ™‚ Β I love the last two movies the best–Breaking Dawn Pt 1 and Pt 2!


Number SEVEN:

Avengers. I think they did HULK very well in this movie. Don’t you?


Number SIX:

Terminator (#s 2 and Salvation)–Sarah Connor was WICKED in the second movie. Tough–but soooo broken!


Number FIVE:

Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”


Number FOUR:

Underworld (all of them!)


Number THREE:

Sixteen Candles


Number TWO:

The Jason Bourne Movies! All of them ROCK!


Number ONE:



I kind of like action movies, can you tell?

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30 thoughts on “Top Ten Movie Blogfest

  1. Nice picks. I’ve been trying not to watch all the clips and trailers since there are so many blogs to visit in this blogfest but I couldn’t resist the dance sequence from Dirty Dancing. (Although, it was doctored a little. “Sit down, Jack.” only happens once in the movie.)

    • I soo love Sixteen Candles. I can see how it might have “flunked” at the theaters then caught on later! I think I found it on VHS instead of the movie theaters myself!

  2. For me it was only a week of watching movies all day, for health reasons as well. When the only thing you can do is hold the remote control, movies are the best company, haha. Good choices you have here also. Not fan of twilight but pretty much the rest of them I like.

  3. Dirty dancing was great and yes, it really does depend on my mood as to which are my favorites.
    I only saw the first Twilight but I thought the movie got so many things wrong, truncated, or changed from the book that it ruined it. Maybe the last two are better?

  4. Rocking list!

    As others have said, no judging on Twilight ;P – and, anyhow, you made up for it with Blade and Underworld! I like Blade II best, myself, because I was a bit disappointed with the whole blood tide thing in I. Underworld is an all-time fav for me, so much so, I did a music vid for it πŸ˜‰

    I like the Bourne movies as well – what did you think of the latest addition to the Bourne franchise? Not Jason, I know, but I thought Jeremy Renner did rather well as Aaron Cross.

  5. Great list. I’ve never seen Sixteen Candles and since I love 80s brat pack movies I really should get round to it. Not judging you for Twilight, I’ve only seen the first one and I enjoyed it, but I have to admit I kind of laughed in many of the wrong places :). Blade rocks and I like all three of the movies, even though a lot of people don’t like Trinity. I think my fav was Blade II though. Avengers made it to my list as well :).

    • Thanks, Natasha. I loved Trinity because of Whistler’s daughter. Jessica….I can’t remember her last name. MAN, she kicked BUTT in that one. Loved it!

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