4 thoughts on “Total Recall

  1. They shot the movie here in Toronto last year..I’m not sure if it was all of it or most, but they had even shut down part of the downtown to film scenes..It will be very interesting to see how this remake does.

  2. I wish that they had named this movie something else besides “Total Recall” because it’s not really a “remake” of the original film.. it’s a “reboot” of the original story. This film is going to follow much more closely the story in Philip K. Dick’s novellette, “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” than the first “Total Recall” did. For instance, the “reboot” will NOT be set on Mars.

    I’ve run a fansite for Colin Farrell for over 10 years..and I always worry when talk about a “Remake” (“Miami Vice”) comes up because along with a remake comes a lot of “baggage”.. people who loved the first version don’t like the idea of new version, there will be automatic comparisons to actor portrayals etc. In this case, that baggage should be irrelevant. That being said, I’ve already seen lots of “No way Colin Farrell can take over Arnie’s role…” comments out on the internet. They aren’t even giving it a chance.

    I’m lucky because I never saw the original.. so for me this is a brand new film.. with no baggage. Everything I’ve read and seen from the set and now this “teaser” trailer looks good to me. So I’m really looking forward to it!

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