Transformers 2

Okay, so who saw Transformers 2?

Come on, you can admit it. This is a safe place. . . . LOL. Okay, I saw it. I was stoked to see it. I totally loved the first one.

The special effects were amazing. So, I went into the sequel with high hopes. I’d heard from almost everyone how great it was.

But will any movie ever produce a great sequel, besides Terminator? **Come on, admit it, the second one was almost better than the first☺**

I was less than impressed with the second Transformers movie. Don’t get me wrong, the special effects were impressive; however, the crude/sexual innuendoes were sooo not needed. And that little pet thing reminded me a Ja-Ja Binks . . . so annoying.

Overall, I’d have to give it a C.

***If you saw it, what’d you think?***

6 thoughts on “TRANSFORMERS 2

  1. Hi Lynn, I don’t think you’re crazy. The first one was “clean.” The second one was desperate and indulgent. Although I am a fan of the original Transformers series and I think Michael Bay floored me with the first movie, I’d have to say that Revenge did have too much sexual innuendos. There’s also a conscious attempt for each character to be funny. The first movie was definitely a laugh trip all throughout without much effort. I think Orci and Kurtzman (writers) fumbled in the dark for humor on this one. IMHO though, this was definitely a worthy sequel. Kick-ass effects and nice storyline (that I think only original fans would appreciate) to compensate what we don’t like about it, i’d have to round up your C to a B minus. LOL! Tell me what you think.

  2. Ralene–Yep, I think I’m a little crazy. LOL. I loved the special effects…does that count for anything? I through the first one was awesome. Second one had a little better story, but ugh….. 🙂

    Patty–Yeah, DVD will do it justice for ya. I’ll be interested to hear what you think when you do finally see it.

  3. I haven’t seen it yet, but most of the comments I have heard about it said that we might as well wait for it to come out on DVD, that it wasn’t as good as the first. I also heard the comments about the crudeness of it. I hate it when they do that to a kids movie. Why do they have to ruin everything? Anyway, we will probably see it some time on DVD.

  4. A ‘C’? A ‘C’! Are you crazy? That was like the best movie ever! It was like 10 times better than the first.

    Okay, okay…I’ll calm down. No, I agree with most of what you said about some of that stuff not being necessary. I’d give it a solid ‘B’ though. I thought it had more action than the first one, moved at a faster pace, which I liked. But that’s a personal preference too, I suppose. 🙂

  5. KM–OMG I did notice that. I leaned over to Charlie and said, “Finally, her white pants are dirty.” as they neared the end. LOL.

    I’ll see Salvation with you again, girl. I loved that movie!

  6. A ‘C’? I have to agree. It was good. Really good. But I was so tired of the dogs going at it, and the robots going at it, and the drugs at the college, :-$ I liked the effects and I was suprised the story was so good/believable. But I have to agree with the C.

    Terminator Salvation? I have to see it again. The people next to us talked and talked the whole movie. I liked it, better than Trans 2, but I want to see it again.

    BTW, did anyone notice that during the scene toward the end when Shia and Megan had to cross the desert, megan’s white pants stayed bright white the whole time???? aKK!

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