This past weekend I got to hang out with my soon to be 11 year-old nephew, Luke. He flew in from Colorado all by himself.

I love having him around. Such a great kid.

But an 11-year old boy…what the heck will I do with him while he’s here?


No, he’s really easy going, but I met up with a friend and she suggested rock climbing.

I’m like, “Um–NO!”

Yeah, I’m kind of a wimp–I know my history of speed skating, road/mountain biking would suggest otherwise–but still…ROCK CLIMBING?

I stepped out of my comfort zone and at least called. Turns out he was too young to Belay for me, so I was safe from having to scale the 30-foot walls, but then it dawned on me. I’d have Luke’s life in my hands.


Silly Luke!

I’ve never had that. I don’t have kids. I have a couple of dogs, yeah, but still…this was a HUMAN life. This cute, funny, awesome kid—–>

I sucked it up and got all the waivers out to Luke’s Mom to sign and all that fun stuff.

So, 1pm on Friday of last week we made our way to Ape Index.

We got buckled up. We did our lesson and Luke had a little fun…



And then…we were on our own.


He's nearly 30-feet up on this one!

It took a few tries before we both gathered up our nerve but then he took off. Look at him go!

The whole experience got me thinking about trust. Holy cow the trust he had in me to hold him steady should he fall or slip. I was both honored and scared. More honored than scared…the fear only lasted a little while. Then I thought about all the people I trust and I realized how truly blessed I am.

Sure, I’ve been betrayed before. I think we all have, right?

But just because one restaurant screwed up our meal, it’s not like I’d NEVER go out to eat again. Or, just because I went to one bad movie, it’s not like I’d NEVER go to a movie again.

You just learn with each bump, right? You’ve heard me say that a few times on this blog before, huh?

Anyway. We had a blast, and besides a few blisters on our hands, we arrived home in one piece.

Who knows, maybe some of this will end up in one of my future novels….

20 thoughts on “Trust…

  1. My son is 12 and ADORES rock climbing–it was a great thing to take your nephew to do. My first jump in, though was with Girl Scouts–I was a co-leader of my daughter’s troop, so I hear you. I’ve held not only my OWN kids, but the kids of others–there is definitely a trust thing.

    Not sure what there is where you are, but around here, there are also things like canoeing on a river (or paddleboats) and then zoo trips… those are the staples withing driving distance (minor league baseball is fun, too)–not sure what he likes… but if he were coming to MY house, those would be on my list.

  2. Aren’t nephews great? I’m sure he will always remember that day, Lynn. Looks like it was a wonderful day! πŸ™‚

  3. Truly awesome post Lynn. It is inspirational and heartwarming. I’m really glad this is the first thing I read this morning. Thanks for a wonderful start to my day.

  4. Great post! had a preacher one time stand his son up on the end of the pew and then when he said “Jump” his son did, right into his arms. He said that is how we should be with God, when he says “Jump” there should be trust without hesitation.
    So glad you had an awesome weekend!

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