Tunnel Vision #TheRunningWriter

I have a tendency to get focused on a goal—MY goal—and let the rest of my surroundings fade away a little. Or, I ignore things all together, like I have tunnel vision. I can only see my goal.

Sure, focus is key when it comes to attaining a goal, but too much focus can throw you off balance. Can hurt people around you.

They key word here is balance. We really need to try and keep balance in our day to day world. If we’re tipping too much one direction, other things give. People get cast aside, obligations left unfulfilled, exercise gets put on hold, and so on.

Those things can then build up and hurts form, deadlines are missed, health fades, which lead to trouble. And then those troubles can start weighing you down which cycles back to negatively impacting your goal.

It takes work, and we won’t be perfect at it, but we’ve got to try and keep our eyes, ears and heart open to our surroundings when we’re working toward a goal of ours.

So take a step back and look. Anything or anyone you might need to get back in touch with?

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