twilight-movie-posterSo, this past weekend, did you see it?


I thought it was great. True to the book, for the most part.  Sure, things were cut out, but remember, the book is like ten thousand pages long, right? Some stuff had to go.

When I saw the trailer the first time, I was worried about the actors. I mean, from the trailers, they didn’t seem too good. I was wrong. They did pretty well!

The supernatural, paranormal, that’s my genre, so that may be why I liked it so much. But it was pretty cool seeing the the pages come to life on screen.

Very well done.


If you saw it, what did you think?

If you didn’t see it, what have you heard about this phenomenon? They are comparing it to Harry Potter.  Does that make you want to see it?


6 thoughts on “TWILIGHT

  1. My daughter (15) saw this with her girlfriends on opening day — I couldn’t sit in because the place was packed, although I didn’t want to embarrass her anyway. (I try to be such a cool mom, but just can’t seem to get it right). She’s so eager to see it again that she’s even (gasp!) considering going with me.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the book — it had positive values and wasn’t a bad story either! I have a review at

    Glad to hear you liked the movie too!

  2. I loved it! I haven’t read the book but had heard much about the story. I went with really no expectations but walked out anxiously awaiting the next movie!

  3. Yeah, it was pretty true to the book, wasn’t it? I hope you got to see it Gzusfreek. If not, drop me an email, I’ll go see it with you. I liked it that much I’d see it again.

    Yep, the book is better. That which was left from the movie is described so well in the book. Brought me closer to the characters.

  4. I enjoyed it. Of course, as always, the book is better, but I was quite enchanted with the movie.

    I’m usually pretty anal about movies following the book, and I felt like they did a really good job with it. Yeah, you can’t fit in everything, but I really thought it was pretty well done.

    Another vote in the plus column!

  5. I hope to see it in the next couple of days! I am glad you liked it lynnR, I was worried it wouldn’t be very good. Sometimes, the attempt to put a good book on screen is, well sub par. I will look forward to seeing it now! I always see a movie Thanksgiving Day or the weekend!
    It’s humorous to me to compare Meyers books with Rowling. . .I don’t think there is much comparison. But, who am I?

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