Use your brokenness #TheRunningWriter

Use your brokenness.


When it comes to getting ideas for my novels, I can get them anywhere-any time. It’s the same for these daily writings. And the song Confidence, by Sanctus Real is the source of my latest musings.

Mostly this phrase:

‘Cause broken people are exactly who you use

I’ve been broken down several times in my life. I’m sure you have, too. And when I looked up the word broken, I got the got these two phrases: Reduced to fragments; fragmented. Ruptured; torn; fractured.

Yep. That fits me. How ‘bout you?

Those words have matched me at various times in my life. During those times, and some of them my bones were literally broken, I struggled with depression. Weight gain. Sadness. Irritability.

Have you been there?

But like the phrase from the song, I’ve been able to use those experiences to help people. To help myself as I face off with new challenges.

How are you going to use your brokenness?

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